Aloe Vera Yoghurt

Aloe Vera Yoghurt

our aloe Vera yoghurt

Kefalos uses the highest quality milk received from the farm for our  Aloe Vera Yoghurt. Apart from using milk which is carefully selected for its protein content, we further add nutritional value to the yoghurt with live probiotic cultures which are beneficial for gut health.

Aloe Vera Original

The original Aloe Vera yoghurt features the fresh flavour of pure aloe vera, widely known for its health benefits. It is one of the three Aloe Vera flavours in this range of yoghurts, unique on the African continent.

Sizes: 100g (part of combo 6 pack), 150g, 500g, 1kg


Aloe Vera Green Tea

Aloe Vera Green Tea combines two popular flavours that connote health and the good life. In this case, the good life is naturally sweet and delicious.

Sizes: 100g (part of combo 6 pack), 150g, 500g, 1kg


Aloe Vera Orange

The Aloe Vera Orange yoghurt features the smooth flavour of aloe vera with a twist of orange, giving your tastebuds a zesty spark.

Sizes: 100g (part of combo 6 pack), 150g, 500g, 1kg


Assorted 6 Pack

Six 100g cups in a pack! Each cup of goodness is perfect for the kids’ school lunches or as a quick snack on the go for you. An assortment of delicious Aloe Vera yoghurt variants to choose from, the cups are individually foil sealed for longer lasting freshness.

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