Kefalos Easter Egg

Oh, how chocolate Easter eggs make children of us all!

Bring a new twist to your favourite Easter eggs with KEFALOS and try these ideas when you entertain on Easter Sunday:

  • Chocolate eggs filled with KEFALOS smooth vanilla and banana yoghurt

Use a life-size chocolate egg and carefully remove about 1cm of the top with a knife heated in hot water. Fill the egg with KEFALOS smooth vanilla yoghurt and KEFALOS smooth banana yoghurt so that it resembles the inside of a boiled egg. Serve in an egg cup or alternatively place six filled eggs in a painted egg carton.

  • Easter egg hot chocolate drink

Place a medium sized chocolate egg in a large mug. If you have see-through glass mugs, even better! Serve hot KEFALOS whole fresh milk in a milk jug, pour over the chocolate egg and stir until the chocolate egg is melted for a rich and decadent hot chocolate drink.

  • Coffee with marshmallow eggs

Make your favourite coffee with KEFALOS whole fresh milk and top with a marshmallow egg which will melt into fluffy gooey sweetness. No sugar needed!

  • Easter egg ice cream sundae

Scoop your favourite flavours of KEFALOS ice cream in a sundae glass or bowl. Sprinkle nuts and drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce over the ice cream. Top with whipped KEFALOS fresh cream and decorate with a variety of mini chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

  • Easter nest cupcakes

If you feel like being creative, try our spectacular nest cupcakes for an Easter baking recipe that is hard to beat. With two layers of light chocolate sponge, a rich and creamy buttercream icing and a delicate homemade nest topping, these Easter cupcakes really are a work of art.

Have an egg-cellent KEFALOS Easter!