Kefalos Word Search

Word search game fun for everyone

In our previous blog post we explored five ways to make family time around the kitchen table memorable. One way to do this is to nurture a sense of playfulness and make mealtime fun so that it is the most natural thing for everyone to linger at the table, enjoying each other’s company. To help we created a fun KEFALOS-themed word search game especially for you! Download the PDF or print a copy – or even a couple of copies for each one to do on their own. We hope you have a delicious ice cream in the freezer to celebrate your winner!

Find these words placed forward, backward, diagonal, up or down:
1. Kefalos
2. milk
3. cheese
4. cheddar
5. gouda
6. feta
7. haloumi
8. kefalotiri
9. mozzarella
10. processed
11. yoghurt
12. smooth
13. ice cream
14. Cortina
15. spread
16. chocolate
17. pasteurised
18. aloe vera
19. vanilla
20. Cool dudes
21. dairy
22. shamiso
23. strawberry
24. cherry
25. berry
26. granadilla

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