A Passion for Dairy

We provide Zimbabwe and the Southern African region with a diverse range of high quality cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams and many other dairy products.

Kefalos Cheese

A Passion
for Dairy

We provide Zimbabwe and the Southern African region with a diverse range of high quality cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams and many other dairy products.

Kefalos Cheese

Kefalos Premium Dairy

We provide Zimbabwe and the Southern African region with a diverse range of high quality cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams and many other dairy products. We attribute our success to a passion for flavour, natural ingredients and innovative ways to accommodate the adventurous taste buds of our customers. All our products are based on home-made recipes, guaranteeing a consistent, top-quality and extraordinary taste experience that supports a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Products



For our yoghurt, Kefalos uses the highest quality milk received from the farm. Apart from using milk which is carefully selected for its protein content, we further add nutritional value to the yoghurt with live probiotic cultures which are beneficial for gut health.



Every cheese is made with expert knowledge and care for its quality, flavour and diversity.
Kefalos provides a range of high quality cheese that is both affordable and versatile for everyday enjoyment.


Ice Cream

Our Kefalos ice creams are rich, creamy, cane sugar-sweetened, frozen delights. One of the secrets to the delicious quality of our ice creams lies in the time we slowly agitate the ice cream base before we mix in our sumptuous flavours.



Nothing tastes better than a glass of fresh, ice cold milk. It ensures nine essential nutrients for children and adults, including protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, niacin as well as vitamins A, D and B12.  Standardised, pasteurised and homogenised.

Kefalos Cheese

Our Mission

To provide unique, wholesome and first-class dairy products.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Exciting
  • Health
  • Integrity
  • Environment
  • Wholesomeness

Our Vision

  • To be a first mover in all our processes through cutting edge innovation.
  • To be recognised as a trusted, quality dairy brand; now and for generations to come.
  • To grow the brand in all our markets.

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Time Line

In the Beginning
The history of Kefalos starts in the 1960’s on a small Greek island by the name of Kefallonia. On this island lived Athanasios Milionis. In his early 30’s he started a business with the money he saved serving in the Greek army. His passion for good food led him to a decision that would change the dairy market on another continent: He decided to start producing cheese and set up a small factory in the town of Potamianata, where his family lived.
The Big Move
In 1967, Greece experienced a change of power that marked the beginning of a long period of unrest. In 1969 Athansios decided to emigrate to Africa with his wife and young son.
Settling in Zimbabwe
The family first settled in Zambia and in 1971 they moved to Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and settled in Harare (then Salisbury). Athansios started working in a coffee shop at night while tending to his passion of making cheeses during the day.
Growing in Chinhoyi
In 1975 he moved to Chinhoyi (then Sinoia) where he bought a cheese factory in the industrial area of town. This factory was named Kefalos a few years later – inspired by his home island, Kefallonia. The Kefalos cheese factory produced kefalotiri, feta, misithra (also known as ricotta) and smoked cheese. Soon the factory produced enough quality cheese to export to South Africa.
In 1993 Athansios’ production had expanded and he moved the production back to Harare. For a steady supply of milk they brought a Danish dairy farmer, Wolle Kirk, on board. With Kirk’s knowledge of breeding dairy cattle, Kefalos gained a supply of local, high quality milk, which is still the main ingredient in Kefalos’ products.
A New Discovery
With a growing local demand from Kefalos, the Kirk family continued the quest for a perfect dairy cow. Soon a new breed was developed: The Red Dane breed – a high yielding cow that adapted extraordinarily well to Zimbabwean conditions was paired with an indigenous breed called Tuli. The result was an exceptionally adaptable breed that thrived in savannah-like conditions and which still delivers the bulk of fresh milk to Kefalos.
Expanding the Cheese Line
The Kirk family bought Kefalos in 1993 and expanded the dairy farming as demand for quality cheeses grew. With expert assistance from Denmark – a country with a millennium old tradition for dairy products, the product range grew rapidly. Soon new cheeses were introduced and Zimbabweans could enjoy locally made gouda, cheddar and crème fraiche made by Kefalos.
Venturing into New Products
In the early 2000’s Kefalos added another line of products to its portfolio – ice cream. The ice cream was called Cortina. The equipment and the Cortina brand was bought from a Zimbabwean of Italian descent.
Expanding our Portfolio
In the mid-2000’s KEFALOS introduced smooth yoghurt to the Zimbabwean market and Southern African region with great success.
Becoming a Super Brand
Since 2010 KEFALOS has introduced high quality yoghurts with real fruit pulp, low-fat yoghurts and luxury ice cream. The rapid expansion continues with new products in the pipeline. As of today, KEFALOS and CORTINA stands as well trusted brands that Zimbabweans associate with consistent, premium quality.
Products Certification
All KEFALOS products certified Halaal Certification by the National Halaal Authority of Zimbabwe.
Becoming a Regional Force
In line with our mission, “to be the leading dairy foods manufacturer in the region…” KEFALOS has been steadily growing to become a regional force with exports into the Southern African region including Zambia, Malawi and Botswana. KEFALOS and CORTINA dairy products have found favour due to our flavourful products that meet exacting quality standards.
Expanding the Factory
Due to growing demand both locally and regionally, KEFALOS increased the factory and warehouse footprint by 5500m2, creating more space for production, packaging, storage and distribution. All dairy manufacturing processes, except cheese production, is set to be moved to the new modular factory which was designed to European standards to allow for strict maintenance of the cold chain from milk delivery to product distribution. This development will also give way for new products manufacture in line with emerging consumer trends.
Setting Up a Solar Plant
KEFALOS sets up a solar plant to access renewable energy and limit use of non-renewable energy sources in the manufacturing process. The solar plant will provide clean electricity to the factory and feed excess into the national grid.
Began Exporting to Zambia
Introduction of Cortina Dairy Spread. Incorporated non ice cream products to Cortina and had logo update.
Began Exporting to Botswana and Malawi
Began production of in house brands – partnered with OK to produce Shoppers Choice yoghurt and ice cream.
Introduction of Cortina Cool Dudes
KEFALOS and CORTINA began informal exports to Mozambique. CORTINA Cool Dudes was introduced in 2021. KEFALOS and CORTINA partnered with TM Pick n Pay to produce in house Pick n Pay yoghurt. Factory expansion began production at the end of the year 2021.
State of the Art New Plant
Kefalos commissioned a state-of-the-art new plant capable of increased yield to meet the demand from Zimbabwe and the Southern African region. 2022 also saw the launch of Kefalos Crème Fraiche and Cream Cheese. In an exciting first for Kefalos, Cortina Dairy Snack, an ambient dairy drink with extended shelf life that does not require refrigeration was also launched.
Kefalos Muesli Range
2023 saw the launch of the Kefalos muesli range, and line extensions to the plain yoghurt range with Natural, Greek and Double Cream 6 packs and Double Cream 500g


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